Heroicons are a unique set of icons for your marketing website that make it easy to customize with CSS to better align to your brand.

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With 308 icons, Heroicons give you infinite possibilities

Heroicons give you the creative freedom to help you better align to your brand that most stock icons don’t provide. Heroicons comes with a variety of themes with easy to manage CSS and SASS.


.heroicon-outline {fill:


.heroicon-outline {fill:
.heroicon-shadow {fill:
#000; opacity:0.4;}


.heroicon-outline {fill:
.heroicon-shadow {fill:
#000; opacity:0.4;}
.heroicon-component-fill {fill:
.heroicon-component-accent {fill:

Full color

.heroicon-outline {fill:
.heroicon-home-roof {fill:
.heroicon-home-wall {fill:
.heroicon-home-frames {fill:
.heroicon-home-windows {fill:
.heroicon-home-door {fill:
.heroicon-home-parging {fill:


Comes in 2 sizes for all your needs

You can’t simply scale a single icon design to different sizes and expect the same quality results. That’s why Heroicons are designed in 2 different sizes to support a variety of needs for your marketing website.


Designed with the start-up in mind

Heroicons comes with 154 icons of each size for a total of 308 - essential for any bootstrap startup to highlight their core features and benefits.

Save 50% for a limited time.

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What's included

  • 308 optimized SVG icons ready to customize with CSS

  • Versions of the SVG icons with inline styling so they will be easier to use in your favourite graphical editing software

  • Sketch file organized with shared styles

  • Sample style sheets

  • A reference page so you can easily browse all of the icons

  • Documentation that goes over some of the basics of using Heroicons

  • Free updates (Heroicons will get occassional updates with new icons and sample style sheets - get them early while the price is still low!)

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